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Energy Smart Group, Inc., based in Irvine, California, specializes in providing solutions to lower energy cost and generate electricity income to a wide range of industrial facilities and commercial properties.

Through our partnership with world-class leaders in energy saving solutions, we have access to a wide array of technologies to help our clients see a remarkable reduction in their electricity bill.

With the cost of electricity ever-increasing, the proposition to reduce electricity consumption is more attractive than ever to organizations of all type and sizes. 

Our energy conservation engineers are available to evaluate your facility and suggest a solution specific to your environment in order to treat your entire electrical distribution system including all electrical motors and equipment, refrigeration and lighting.

Any facility in any type of industry with a relatively high electric bill can benefit from our array of solutions.  Our client types include:​

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Supermarkets and Box Store Chains

  • Distributions Centers

  • Commercial & Public Buildings

  • Cold Storage Facilities

  • Parking Lots/Parking Structures

  • Hospitality Industry

Our No-Risk solution includes guaranteed cost savings.

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