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Energy Saving

Energy Smart Group specializes in providing electrical energy conservation solutions to industrial facilities and commercial properties interested in significantly reducing their electricity expense. After a free valuation of your site, we may recommend the most suitable combination of the following energy saving strategies:

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LED Lighting

We provide customized LED lighting solutions for your entire facility including interior lighting, exterior lighting, and parking lot lighting, resulting in substantial energy savings and lower maintenance cost.


Power Factor Correction

Ideal for manufacturing companies with heavy machinery & motors, we use a variety of solutions at load level and/or panel level to correct reactive current, prolong the life of the equipment, and reduce energy consumption by 10-15%


Refrigeration Efficiency Solutions

For cold storage facilities, food processing, large grocery markets and other facilities with high refrigeration needs, we offer multiple technologies that will substantially reduce energy consumption and electricity cost, with average savings of about 20%.  


Smart Battery Storage/
Optional Solar Energy

For facilities interested in Peak Demand Shaving, our smart battery storage solutions allow you to charge your batteries during off-peak hours, when electricity cost is low, and use stored electricity during peak hours, resulting in lowering electricity cost overall. We can also incorporate Solar Energy technology into this solution to achieve additional savings.

Energy Saving Benefits:

Savings in Electricity Cost:

Each and every technology we use has a proven track record of saving our clients between 10% and 30% in their electricity bill, with routine payback periods of between 24 and 36 months.

Increased Equipment Life and Decreased Maintenance Costs:

Once our power treatment solutions are installed, your electrical equipment, including motors, lights, air conditioning, and refrigeration, will benefit from a reduction in damaging harmonics levels, heat build-up and unnecessary stress. This will all lead to a longer life expectancy for your equipment and savings in maintenance, repairs, and replacement costs for you.

Improved Power Quality:

There will be increased electrical capacity and improved voltage.

Reduction of Unnecessary Heat:

Electrical devices such as motors, lighting, transformers, panels, switch gears, breakers, starters, controls, are among the electrical devices that will run cooler.

Improved Cooling Capacity:

Air conditioning and refrigeration systems run more effectively.

Positive Effect on the Environment:

Our energy conservation solutions lower your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint.

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